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CANWM is a free, open network of people and groups who are creating a clean, green future for our region. We all need to stop using coal, oil and gas and switch to limitless clean energy from sun, wind and waves.

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Cheap and clean

The costs of clean energy have fallen rapidly in recent years. Moving to a tariff that includes 100% renewable electricity doesn’t mean bigger bills – in fact, most people will save money by switching.

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Why we're backing the switch

CANWM wants as many people as possible to use clean energy and save money on their bills. Every switch means more support for clean energy and less for fossil fuels. Also, every switch will add between £10 and £20 to our climate campaign funds, which we will use to support community action on climate in the West Midlands.

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What is clean energy?

‘Clean energy’ means power generated from the elements – sun, wind, water (rivers, tides or wave power) and biofuels (gas released by rotting food and agricultural waste). Unlike dirty electricity generated by burning fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), clean energy has little impact in terms of climate change and air pollution.

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How do clean tariffs work?

When you’re on a clean tariff, your supplier will match every unit of energy you use by putting an equivalent amount of renewable energy into the National Grid. As the amount of clean power in the Grid increases relative to the amount of dirty power, the Grid gets cleaner.
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What about gas?

You can switch both your gas and electricity with us. All of the electricity sourced through tariffs on our site is 100% renewable. Some deals also include ‘green gas’, captured from rotting plants and food. This has lower carbon emissions than conventional gas because the crops used are replaced, absorbing greenhouse gases from the air as they grow. Look out for whether a tariff includes some ‘green gas’ when you’re deciding which deal is best for you.

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Even better...

Whenever you change supplier through a website like Big Clean Switch, your new energy company pays the website a commission. This doesn’t affect the price of the tariff, and Big Clean Switch uses the income to fund its campaign. Climate Action Network West Midlands will get around a quarter of this money. A further 8% will go to Project Dirt, which helps run the Big Clean Community Switch.

CANWM recommends the use of Big Clean Switch to compare the price of different clean energy tariffs, but CANWM does not endorse a particular supplier or tariff. All questions about the site should be directed to the Big Clean Switch.
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About the Big Clean Community Switch

The Big Clean Community Switch is delivered by Big Clean Switch in partnership with Project Dirt. For more information about the scheme, click here.

Our energy suppliers

The first major British supplier to be co-operatively owned, Co-op Energy give a share of their profits back to members and local communities.

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The world’s first green energy company. Offering 100% renewable electricity from the wind and sun and carbon neutralised gas.

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Clean electricity from one of the UK's largest investors in solar power, with a commitment to 'simpler pricing and bills that actually make sense'.

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Ranked top 5 for customer service by Citizens Advice, one of only three suppliers recommended by Which? in 2020 and a five star rating on Trustpilot.

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