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Employee energy support

Lower your people's energy bills while measuring and reducing home working emissions. All the employee energy support you need, in one place.

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Our services

We offer employee support in three areas.


Help your people navigate record energy prices and slash hundreds off their bills using our low-cost everyday tips with our content platform and webinars.


Provide your people with the equipment they need to reduce energy use while working from home, help them switch to cheaper, greener tariffs, or provide additional discounts on their energy bills.

Improve and protect
Improve and protect

Help your people to improve the efficiency of their home and future-proof it from the effects of climate change.

 We know it works

The chart below shows the energy consumption of a home that has implemented some of the measures and tools we recommend through our guidance.

The result? A 41% drop in annual gas consumption and an 11.5% drop in annual electricity consumption.

At today’s prices, that’s equivalent to an annual saving of £1,057.

We've reduced energy bills by over £1,000

 Home energy bills are crippling

Household energy bills are at historic highs
Energy bills have increased by over 250% since the start of the energy crisis, contributing to wider cost of
living increases.


 Get better data

Use your employees’ smart meter data and our disaggregation tools to improve the quality of your working from home data.

A smart meter in home display unit