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Why we measure our impact

As a certified B Corp, we believe that our commercial success and our responsibility to the communities and environment within which we operate are two sides of the same coin. Economic and social stability, flourishing ecosystems, employee wellbeing and inclusivity and fairness ultimately all result in better conditions for our business to grow sustainably.

By measuring our impact in these areas, we are able to plan, prioritise and measure performance. And by reporting publicly on our progress in meeting those commitments, we can ensure we remain accountable to our people, our customers and our communities. 

2023 Impact Report

This year, we have published our first ever impact report. It has been produced during a period of profound change, both for our business and for the markets in which we operate. It would have been easy, in those circumstances, to deprioritise impact measurement. The fact that we have not done so is testament to the power of being a B Corp. Holding ourselves to account, and ensuring that we understand and improve on our impact on the world around us, is core to how we deliver on our purpose, and drive value for our customers.