Lowering bills, cutting carbon

The Big Clean Community Switch

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The Big Clean Community Switch is a partnership between Big Clean Switch and Project Dirt, a social action platform that connects community projects with organisations that are looking to engage and support local initiatives.

We believe community projects play a unique role in engaging local people on environmental issues. The Big Clean Community Switch aims to help projects turn this engagement into local action by encouraging people to switch to 100% renewable electricity tariffs. In the process, we aim to raise funds for the projects taking part.

We’ve launched a pilot project to test this with four amazing projects from different parts of the UK. Find out more about them – and support them by switching your home to clean electricity – using the links below:

 Climate Action Network West Midlands
 Greater Manchester Community Renewables
 Low Carbon Oxford North
 Oldham Community Power
 How the project is funded
Whenever anyone switches supplier through the Big Clean Switch, the new supplier pays us a commission. Once the cost of processing the switch has been covered, we pass at least 25% of what’s left – typically about £10-£15 – on to the community project that generated the switch. At least another 8% goes to Project Dirt, with the remainder going towards the costs of running the Big Clean Switch.