Business done better

We’re a certified B Corp, part of a growing movement of companies around the world that believe business must be used as a force for good. You can find out more about the B Corp movement here.

Our promise

We vet every supplier we work with to make sure their customer service and green creds are up to scratch. That allows us to make you a simple promise when you switch through us: In the unlikely event that you have a problem you can’t resolve directly with your new supplier, we’ll take it up with them on your behalf. Planet-friendly power, with peace of mind included.

Our mission

Urgent action is needed to switch the world to low carbon power, and yet our energy system is broken: tied to fossil fuels, needlessly complex, and overpriced for those who can least afford it. We want to change that. Nothing should stand in the way of people making clean energy choices. Our mission is to switch every home and business in the UK to clean energy.

Working in partnership

We’re proud to be working with some of the world’s biggest brands to help UK homes and businesses switch to green energy. Our unique switching platform allows our partners to help their customers switch within their own websites and apps, and we share the commission we generate to ensure every switch can do even more good.