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Use your energy for good

Switching to renewable electricity is a powerful and practical way to Renew Our World by putting your faith into action and tackling climate change. All switches are covered by the Big Clean Switch Guarantee.

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Renew our World by switching your energy

Our world is out of balance. The climate is changing fast, pushing people further into poverty. There are more droughts, more floods, and less reliable rain. For many people that means less to eat. As followers of Jesus we are called to put our faith into action and seek God’s kingdom here. That’s why Tearfund is part of the global Renew Our World campaign, working with churches around the world to take action on climate change.
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An opportunity

Our generation has an opportunity – a special choice no other generation will get. We can all take action in our own lives – like switching to renewable electricity – to work towards a world that is in balance, a world that is fair and sustainable, a world where everyone has enough.

What is a clean tariff?

Most of us get electricity from the National Grid. Picture the Grid like a bucket, full of clean and dirty water.* When you’re on a renewable tariff, your supplier promises to match the amount you take out of the bucket by putting the same amount of clean water in. The more clean water that goes into the bucket (and the less dirty water), the cleaner the bucket, and therefore the Grid, gets.
* In real life, of course, water and electricity should not mix!

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The Big Clean Switch Promise

Unlike conventional switching sites, we make a simple promise to every single home that switches with us: In the event that you have a problem you can’t resolve directly with your supplier, we’ll take it up with them on your behalf. We call this our Big Clean Switch Guarantee.

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More power from your switch

Whenever you change supplier through a website like Big Clean Switch, your new energy company pays the website a commission (typically £40-£60). This doesn’t affect the price of the tariffs we offer, which are the same price as they are on suppliers’ own websites, and we use the income to help fund the Big Clean Switch campaign. After deducting the cost of processing the switch, we would normally share one third of the commission with Tearfund, but they have asked us to pass their share directly to Climate Stewards, a charity that supports community forestry and cookstove projects in Ghana, Kenya and Mexico. So, your switch has even more power to do good!

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About Tearfund

Tearfund is a Christian charity called to follow Jesus wherever the need is greatest. We work through local churches to unlock people’s potential and help them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves. Tearfund is a registered charity, number 265454.

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Our energy suppliers

The first major British supplier to be co-operatively owned, Co-op Energy give a share of their profits back to members and local communities.

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The world’s first green energy company. Offering 100% renewable electricity from the wind and sun and carbon neutralised gas.

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Clean electricity from one of the UK's largest investors in solar power, with a commitment to 'simpler pricing and bills that actually make sense'.

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Ranked top 5 for customer service by Citizens Advice, one of only three suppliers recommended by Which? in 2020 and a five star rating on Trustpilot.

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