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The cost and carbon impact of working from home: Watch our webinar

The recent shift to more flexible working patterns – accelerated by multiple lockdowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic – raises big questions for employers and staff alike. In particular, companies are increasingly asking how to measure the cost and carbon impact of working from home.

On 29 June, we joined forces with our friends at Compare Your Footprint to shed more light on this issue. They explained their methodology for calculating the emissions associated with home working, and we explored the solutions available to employers in helping their people lower both emissions and energy costs.

If you’d like more information on any of the topics covered, please get in touch.

What’s covered in the webinar

0:00Intro (Liberty Bollen, Compare Your Footprint)
2:20What impact has Covid-19 had on global carbon emissions? (Emma Littlewood, Compare Your Footprint)
11:37How to measure carbon emissions from home working (Ellie Monks, Compare Your Footprint)
22:32How Covid-19 and working from home has impacted employees’ energy costs (Jon Fletcher, Big Clean Switch)
27:59How can employers help their people to lower their carbon footprint and save money? (Jon Fletcher, Big Clean Switch)
42:20Questions and answers