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Switch your business energy supplier | A guide


We work hard to take the complexity out of sourcing competitive green business energy deals. Here’s what you can expect when you get a quote to switch business energy supplier through us.

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Understanding your business

Different businesses have different requirements. Here are a few things we’ll need to clarify with you:

Which fuels?

Do you need us to price contracts for the supply of both gas and electricity, or just one or the other?

Single site or multisite?

If you only operate one site, you may only need us to secure pricing for one lot of electricity consumption and/or one lot of gas. If you have more sites, or if you have multiple meters on the same site (because two premises have been joined together, for example) then we’ll need to take that into account. If you have lots of different meters with contracts ending at different times, we can help you align these to make it easier to manage your energy in future.

Half-hourly or non-half hourly?

Some meters break down your energy consumption on a ‘half-hourly’ basis, while others just clock up the total amount you use over time. Half-hourly meters are great for taking advantage of ‘time of use’ tariffs, which charge different amounts for energy used at different times of the day, but we need a bit more information to be able to price them properly. If you have half-hourly meters, we’ll need to source your historic consumption data – that’s a data point for every half hour of every day – more than 17,500 data points for a year’s worth of energy use!

Gathering the data

If you only have a few ‘non-half hourly’ meters, then copies of recent bills for each meter may be all we need to price. Your bills tell us:

  • Your meter number (known as the ‘MPAN’ for electricity, or the ‘MPRN’ for gas meters).
  • What rates you’re currently paying
  • When your contract end date is

It should also tell us your annual energy consumption. It’s important when switching business energy supplier that we have accurate usage data as it can affect your rate. If that isn’t clear on your bill, or if you have half hourly meters, we may need your permission to contact your supplier to get the information we need. We do this using a simple ‘Letter of Authority’, which gives us permission to talk to your supplier on your behalf. The Letter of Authority clearly sets out what we can and can’t do, so everyone knows exactly where they stand.

Finding you a good deal

Now that we have your current contract details and usage data, we can source pricing from our range of green suppliers. We like to be transparent when switching business energy, so we’ll tell you if we think you’re better off going directly to a supplier or just accepting your renewal quote from your current supplier.

We’ll tell you at the outset how long we think it will it’ll take us to source pricing – for regular gas and non-half hourly electric meters, we can usually get a quote back to you within 48 hours.

We’ll also agree when you’ll need decision makers in your organisation to review our pricing and give the go ahead. On that nominated date, we’ll:

  • send across a tariff comparison
  • talk you through the pros and cons of each supplier/tariff
  • make a recommendation based on what we know about your needs; and
  • answer any questions that you may have.

Energy prices can be volatile and suppliers change their quotes at short notice, so it’s really important that you’re able to make a decision that day so you can switch business energy supplier successfully.

Once you have decided which tariff you would like to sign up to, we’ll request the paperwork from the supplier and send over the contract for signature.

Our window stickers are a great way to communicate your switch to green energy to your customers.

When your new contract begins

We will notify you once your contract has gone live and help you shout about your move by providing you with digital and physical resources like our window stickers (see image). We are also able to provide ongoing support with any issues, additional meters or change of tenancies if you need these services.

Why use Big Clean Switch to switch your business energy?

Business energy brokers are notorious for over-zealous sales techniques and opaque pricing. Here is what makes us different:

  • We’re a certified B Corp, part of a new breed of companies that puts ethics and the environment at the heart of everything we do;
  • We’re committed to transparent pricing (and encourage our customers to pay us directly to avoid hidden fees charged through suppliers);
  • We’re proud to be signed up to the new ombudsman for the energy sector, designed to give businesses confidence when working with reputable brokers; and
  • We always go the extra mile, making sure you understand your options and can communicate your choices to internal stakeholders and your customers.

Contact our business energy team to get started.