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Clean Energy UK is now part of Big Clean Switch


Since we first launched our switching services, we’ve been helping homes and businesses go green under two different brand names. Now, that’s changing.

Big Clean Switch was focused on helping homes switch, while Clean Energy UK provided support to businesses, NGOs and community groups. With effect from 24 May 2021, we’re bringing both parts of the business together under the Big Clean Switch brand. This article explains what’s behind the change, and what it means for our customers (spoiler alert: very little – you’ll get the same great service you always did!)

Why Clean Energy UK is changing its name

Since it launched in 2014, Clean Energy UK has provided energy brokerage services to businesses and NGOs of all sizes. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with everyone from independent coffee shops to national names like WWF and Hotel Chocolat.

At the same time, our domestic switching service, Big Clean Switch, has been growing too, working with brands like Sky, IKEA and Tesco to help their staff and customers and staff  switch to low cost, low carbon energy. 

Over time, the work of the two businesses has overlapped more and more. For example, many Clean Energy UK business customers are now using the Big Clean Switch employee engagement platform. Big Clean Switch has also extended its work with large corporates to provide business energy support to members of their supply chain.  

As a result, it no longer makes sense for us to operate as two separate brands. 

What it means for Clean Energy UK customers

Other than our name, very little will change in terms of your day to day experience of working with us. We remain committed to helping our clients cut both costs and carbon, and we’re growing our back office team to ensure we continue to deliver the great customer service you’ve come to expect from us. Our phone numbers and postal address also remain the same. 

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