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Switching energy supplier when renting – the basics


The rules are very simple: If you pay the energy bills, then it’s your choice – if you want cheaper energy from a trusted supplier, you can have it!

This is true even if your contract has a clause stating that you can’t switch supplier. Here’s what Ofgem say about it:

For any clauses on energy suppliers in your tenancy agreement. There may be some circumstances when a letting agent or landlord has a preferred supplier which is set as the default supplier as part of the tenancy agreement. This is known as a ‘default supplier clause’. If you notice a default supplier clause before you sign a tenancy agreement, talk with your landlord or letting agent to see if you can renegotiate this clause. If following this conversation you cannot change the clause, you are still entitled to switch supplier if you are responsible for paying the energy bills.

You can see Ofgem’s full guidance for tenants here.

If your landlord pays the energy bills, then why not ask them if they’ll switch (and let them know they could save money in the process)?