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Why use an energy broker?


Why use an energy broker? If you run your own business or look after procurement for your organisation, the chances are you’ve taken calls from companies offering to help you find a good energy deal. But can’t you just shop around for quotes yourself? Why pay someone to do this for you? Here are 8 reasons to use an energy broker.

8 reasons to use an energy broker

1. Better prices

Most brokers have direct relationships with a range of energy suppliers, which means they can often secure prices that are better than those you’ll get if you go direct (even once you’ve factored in the broker’s charges).

2. Avoid hidden charges

Unlike when you switch your home energy, there are relatively few common standards when it comes to how suppliers price for business energy deals. For example, there’s huge variation in the treatment of ‘pass through costs’ – complex costs suppliers have to charge you and then pass on to other industry bodies to help maintain and develop the UK’s energy network. Too many times we’ve met businesses who’ve signed up to a deal on the basis of a supplier’s core costs and then been stung when the first bill arrived with pass through costs added on. A good broker should be able to account for hidden costs so that you can compare apples with apples.

3. Energy brokers understand the market

Energy prices are in constant flux, driven by everything from the weather to global politics. Because of the way energy is bought and sold, this applies as much to green energy as it does to conventional energy. Working with a broker ensures you can base your decision on an underlying understanding of market trends, including whether and how long to fix prices for.

4. Find deals suited to your business

Every business is different. If you operate in a sector that has been affected by Covid-19 lockdowns for example, it may be harder to find a supplier that will extend credit (essential if you want to pay for your energy in arrears, as is normal). A broker will know which suppliers may be more flexible, and be able to save you a lot of time in ruling out those that aren’t right for you.

5. Simplify your energy procurement

If your organisation operates across multiple sites, you may be juggling a number of contracts with different suppliers, all ending at different times. A good broker will help you to align the energy procurement across your business, enabling you to better benefit from economies of scale, and simplifying the process of buying your energy in the future. 

6. Save time. A lot of time.

Even without taking into account the complexity of wading your way through different suppliers’ approaches to pricing, securing quotes from different providers, handling follow up queries, securing contracts and managing the go live process is very time consuming. Using a broker can free up days and days you could be using for better things.

7. Use an energy broker to get help when things go wrong 

Most of the time, switching to a better (greener) energy deal is straightforward. But the energy industry is complex, and as with anything, things can sometimes go wrong. From incorrectly registered meters, to smart meters that don’t connect, to estimated reads from suppliers that are way out, a broker can take care of the annoying glitches so you don’t have to.

8. Green energy without the greenwash

Okay, so this final reason to use an energy broker is unique to us, but working with Big Clean Switch means you can confidently switch to a low cost energy deal that’s also better for the planet. We’ll explain the differences between different green tariffs, avoid suppliers whose green claims may not stack up, and help you communicate your switch to green power to employees and customers.