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Compare your current tariff with our renewable electricity offer from Octopus Energy, secured in partnership with IKEA. You can switch your gas, too.

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Our partnership with IKEA

The IKEA vision is ‘to create a better everyday life for the many people.’ As part of this, IKEA wants to help people live a more sustainable life at home. By partnering with the Big Clean Switch, IKEA wants to support you in switching to a renewable electricity provider. By doing so, you could save money on your household bills and in turn have a positive impact on the planet.

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About the tariff

We’ve secured a great value 100% renewable electricity tariff from Octopus Energy, one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers. The exclusive offer could save a typical home £250* over the next 12 months.

The electricity is 100% renewable, which means for every unit you use, an equivalent unit of renewable electricity has been generated

→ The tariff is offered by Octopus Energy, an award-winning supplier with a score of 9.6 out of 10 on TrustPilot**

You can switch both your gas and electricity, or just one or the other

→ You’ll need to pay by monthly direct debit

→ To make sure they can give you their full attention, Octopus Energy have set a limit of 7,000 homes (with the first 2,000 of these securing an extra account credit – see below). If that limit isn’t reached, the offer will end at midnight on 26 March.

→ The first 2,000 homes to switch qualified for an early bird account credit of £25/fuel. We’ve now reached this limit, but don’t worry – a typical home could still save £250* in the next 12 months with our exclusive tariff. 

* Prices correct as of 2 March 2018. The saving compares an average usage dual fuel household on a Big Six Standard Variable Tariff (£1,138/year) with an average usage dual fuel household on Octopus Energy’s exclusive ‘IKEA Green 12M Fixed’ tariff (£888/year). All prices are for a single rate meter paying by monthly direct debit, with prices averaged across all regions of England, Scotland and Wales. Average usage as defined by Ofgem is 12,000 kWh pa of gas and 3,100 kWh pa of electricity. Average Big Six Standard Variable Tariff includes E.ON Standard price changes coming into effect from 19 April 2018.
** Correct as of 1 March 2018.
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What is renewable electricity?

When we talk about ‘renewable electricity’, we mean power generated from the sun, wind, water (rivers, tides or wave power) and biofuels (such as gas released by rotting food and plants). Unlike electricity generated by burning fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), renewable electricity has little impact in terms of climate change and air pollution.

How do renewable electricity tariffs work?

When you’re on a renewable electricity tariff, your supplier promises to match the amount of electricity you take out of the National Grid by ensuring the same amount of renewable electricity is put in. The more this happens, the greener the Grid should get.

More power from your switch

Whenever anyone switches to renewable electricity through the Big Clean Switch, the supplier pays a commission. This doesn’t affect the price of the tariffs offered by Big Clean Switch, which are the same or better than you’d find on the suppliers’ websites. Once Big Clean Switch has paid for the cost of processing the switch, it passes at least 40% of what’s left to IKEA. At the end of the campaign the commission will be distributed through IKEA stores and used to support local community initiatives.

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By clicking on the button above, you agree to our terms and conditions and to us getting in touch using the details you provide in order to help you switch to clean energy. For more info, see our privacy policy.