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Energy quote calculator: Run your own comparison


We’ve created a simple energy quote calculator to allow you to run your own quote – or just sense check our calculations.

Who is this energy quote calculator for?

We often get asked to provide the unit rates and standing charges for our suppliers so that customers can run their own green energy quotes. Because prices vary across the 14 electricity regions of the UK, and for different types of meters, providing this information for every supplier would mean you having to pick your way through complex tables of numbers – which is why we’ve built our comparison tool instead.

For those who do want to know the detail that underpins their quote, we provide all this information when you click on ‘More info’ next to any of the tariffs listed when you get your results.

But if you’d like to sense check our calculations – or just prefer to run your own, you can use our energy quote calculator instead.

How our energy quote calculator works

Once you’ve downloaded the file, simply pop in the details of your current tariff, and whichever tariff you’re comparing it with. You’ll also need to enter some basic details about how much energy you use – and hey presto – we’ll calculate how much the new tariff will cost versus what you’ll pay if you do nothing and stay with your current supplier.

The methodology used is the same one our site uses (which is itself dictated by the Ofgem price comparison Confidence Code). You can find out more about our approach in our blog post, here.

Why is the saving different on Big Clean Switch?

You may sometimes find that the price generated by the calculator is slightly different to the price generated by the website. That’s because the two different tools have different approaches to rounding the decimals used in the calculation, so you may find there is a small difference between the two.

Questions or comments?

Let us know by emailing us at help@bigcleanswitch.org.