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How does switching energy supplier work?

The Definitive Guide to Green Energy Switching

We speak to lots of people who are keen to switch to green energy, but are unsure of how it…

Solar panels and fossil fuels power station

67 days without coal – but your switch to green energy has never been more important

On Tuesday (16 June), Great Britain ended a record-breaking run – 67 straight days (and 22 hours) without coal to…

Electricity pylon - the cost of renewable tariffs is driven by wholesale energy prices

Green energy prices and fossil fuels

We’re currently seeing some of the cheapest green tariffs in a long while, and all because of falling fossil fuel…

Are REGOs a good thing?

Are REGOs a good thing?

There has been some negative press recently about green tariffs that are backed by ‘REGOs’. Here’s our take… First, the…

switch energy supplier with solar panels

How to switch energy supplier with solar panels

If you’ve got solar panels, don’t worry – you are still free to switch your energy supply to a different…