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Green energy for your business

We compare prices from the UK’s most trusted suppliers so you get a great deal - and help the planet at the same time.
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Why switch?

1. It’s easy
We make switching easy. That means finding you the best deal for cheap, renewable energy, and helping you use going green as a way to build your brand.
2. It’s cheap
With over 40% of the UK’s electricity now sourced from renewables, many suppliers will now agree to source your power from renewables at zero extra cost.
3. Customers want it
88% of consumers want brands to help them be more sustainable, and 73% of millennials are willing to try a product that supports causes they care about.
4. It helps save the planet
Finally, there’s climate change. Faced with everything from commodity price volatility to flood risk, cutting emissions just makes business sense.
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Switching to renewable energy in tenanted properties

We’ve teamed up with edie and The Climate Group to better understand the challenges faced by businesses switching to renewable energy in tenanted buildings, raise awareness of tenants’ demand for green energy solutions, and equip both tenants and landlords with practical guidance on how they can work together.

If you’ve had challenges switching your tenanted sites to renewable energy, you can read our report here and get in touch with our Sales Director, Martin Cochrane, for support on your energy needs: martin@bigcleanswitch.org.

Read our report