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Match the electricity your employees use at home with 100% green power.

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In a nutshell

We’ll guarantee that every unit of electricity used by your employees at home is matched by an equivalent unit of green energy supplied to the grid. Our approach uses the same mechanism underpinning green tariffs offered by energy suppliers. By ring-fencing green energy on your employees’ behalf, you can reduce 100% of their home electricity emissions to zero for every single employee. 

How it works

Governments issue certificates (known as ‘energy attribute certificates’ or ‘EACs’) to renewable generators for every unit of green power they supply to their local grid. The name given to these certificates varies from country to country (see image). We purchase certificates on your employees’ behalf, and then retire them to ensure nobody else can claim that green energy. (We only provide this service for countries where there is a credible national registry for the certificates.)

How is this different to buying offsets?

The UN sets out a clear hierarchy for tackling carbon emissions: Measure your emissions; reduce your footprint, offset what’s left, and then report on progress. The greenhouse gas reporting protocol (“GHG Protocol”) includes the use of EACs matched to consumption of energy as a means of reducing the emissions associated with that consumption to zero*. Using energy attribute certificates is therefore preferable to purchasing offsets against those emissions

* Using the market-based carbon accounting methodology. See this amendment to the GHG Protocol for more on this.

Offset gas emissions too

Unlike electricity, offsetting is likely to be the best option for emissions from gas. That’s because there are big question marks about the use of green gas at scale due to its potential land use impacts. We talk about this more in our blog, here. Cost is a factor, too – the supply of green gas lags behind the supply of renewable electricity, so matching your employees’ gas use with green gas would be prohibitively expensive (c. £150 – £200 a year per employee).

Choose from our two simple plans

The prices below are subject to confirmation of the countries in which your employees reside.

  • All domestic electricity use matched by green electricity supplied to the employee’s national grid
  • Reduces the employees electricity carbon emissions to zero
  • Preferrable to offsetting the electricity emissions

  • All domestic gas use matched by accredited offsets (Vera, Gold Standard or CDM)
  • Offsets via accredited tree planting programmes