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So Energy is merging with ESB Energy: What you need to know


You may have seen today’s news that one of our long-standing green suppliers, So Energy is merging with ESB Energy. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s happening?

So Energy has today (27 August 2021) announced that it will be merging with ESB Energy. So Energy has been helping UK homes to switch to green electricity since 2015, and has around 250,000 domestic energy customers. ESB will be taking a majority stake in So Energy’s business.

Who is ESB Energy?

ESB Energy is majority owned by the Irish government. It has been operating in Great Britain since 1993, and sells 100% renewable electricity and carbon offset gas.

What does the merger mean for So Energy customers?

For now, not much is changing. So Energy’s statement on the merger says, “You won’t notice any changes and you have nothing to worry about. Your supply will remain the same, your statements will continue to come from us and your prices won’t change as a result of this merger.”

Why is So Energy merging with ESB Energy?

In their statement, So Energy say: “ESB Energy brings with it the backing of 90+ years of experience and expertise from Ireland and the UK, already supplying customers in British homes as well as being EV pioneers, knowledge vital to any ambitious green supplier. By merging with ESB Energy, we’re gaining access to that experience, as well as resources we simply wouldn’t have been able to benefit from prior to today.”

So Energy co-founder Charlie Davies echoed this in a statement on LinkedIn: “I’m delighted that today we’re merging with ESB to accelerate our growth plans, fusing our shared commitment to top class customer service and helping households transition to net zero living. We’ll be delivering more technology-led services, systems and products to make it even easier for customers to live greener lives.”

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