Lowering bills, cutting carbon

The Big Clean Switch in partnership with Nando’s

About Nando’s clean energy switching campaign
Who is Big Clean Switch?
Big Clean Switch wants to make a low carbon future an everyday reality for hundreds of thousands of UK homes. We do this by working with partner organisations to build campaigns that inspire and enable their communities (staff, customers, supporters, followers) to switch to clean energy. Big Clean Switch is funded through the commission we receive from suppliers whenever someone switches to clean energy through us. We give half of this commission (after paying for the cost of processing the switches) back to our partners, who often use it to support good causes – like the fight against malaria.
Why are Nando’s working with Big Clean Switch?
Nando’s have switched all their stores to 100% clean electricity, and now they want to make it easy for Nandocas to do the same in their homes. Big Clean Switch has a comparison website on which Nandocas can compare the current cost of their energy with the cost of trusted clean energy suppliers, and make the switch if they’d like to. And, because Big Clean Switch checks out the credentials of our suppliers before working with them, we make a simple promise to anyone switching through us: that if you have a problem with your new supplier you can’t resolve directly with them, Big Clean Switch will take it up with them on your behalf.
What is Nando’s doing with their share of supplier commission?
For every switch, Big Clean Switch will pass 50% of the supplier commission (after covering the switching costs) back to Nando’s to put towards the Nando’s Fighting Malaria campaign. For each dual energy switch, this means a minimum of  £15 will go to the campaign – enough to protect at least 10 lives from malaria for one year!
About clean energy
What is clean energy?
Clean energy, sometimes known as ‘renewable energy’, is energy sourced in a way that is kinder to the environment than traditional ‘dirty’ fuels like oil and gas, which cause air pollution and contribute to climate change. Clean electricity sources include wind power, solar power, hydro power, bioenergy, tidal and wave power.
Why is clean energy a good thing?
Until recently, most electricity came from burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas. This causes air pollution and releases greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that contribute to climate change, so there is worldwide agreement that we need to get our energy from other, cleaner sources. This also makes sense because fossil fuels take millions of years to develop and as we use them up, they’re getting more and more difficult, expensive and damaging to get out of the ground. In contrast, renewable electricity sources won’t run out in this way and are much less damaging to our environment.
Isn’t clean energy expensive?
Far from it. As more and more energy is being sourced from solar, wind, hydro and other clean sources, the cost of generating planet-friendly power is falling.
Doesn’t all electricity come from the National Grid? How do clean electricity tariffs work?
When you’re on a clean electricity tariff, your supplier promises that, however much electricity you use in your home, the same amount of clean electricity will be put into the National Grid. The more this happens, the cleaner the Grid will get. Because you’re still getting your electricity from the National Grid, there’s no need for engineers’ visits and no break in your supply when you switch. It also means you won’t lose power when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow!
Can I switch my gas too?
Yes, although so far, gas from clean sources still makes up a very small proportion of the gas used by UK homes, so very few suppliers offer 100% clean gas in the same way as you can get 100% clean electricity. But the Big Clean Switch website will tell you if and how much of our suppliers’ gas comes from clean sources.
About switching
How do I switch?
Switching is quick and easy! Just give a few details about your home and energy use, and the Big Clean Switch website will show you how the price you currently pay compares with our planet-friendly deals. If you want to go ahead and apply to switch, you can do so straight away! The whole process will take you less than 10 minutes.
What if I’m on a fixed term tariff?
If you are on a fixed term tariff with your current supplier, they may charge you an exit fee for leaving early. However, you might still decide you want to switch, not least if what you save on your energy bills is greater than the exit fee.
How is my quote calculated?
Our website uses the information you provide, about your current tariff and about how much energy you use, to calculate an estimate for how much you currently spend a year. It then compares this with how much you’d pay if you switched to any of the energy companies on our site. Bear in mind that if you’re on a fixed tariff that comes to an end in the next 12 months, the site will assume that you’ll drop onto your current supplier’s default tariff. The cost of their default tariff will often be higher than your fixed rate and our site will take that into account when it generates your quote. As a result, the estimate for how much you’ll pay over a year will factor in any extra cost associated with rolling onto your supplier’s default rate.
How does switching supplier work?
Once you’ve made your switch through the Big Clean Switch website, we’ll send your details to your new supplier (for more about how Big Clean Switch processes your data,
click here). You’ll then have a 14 day cooling off period, during which you can change your mind and cancel your switch. During this 14 day period, your new supplier will contact your current supplier to let them know you’re moving, make sure your account is in order, and set a date for the switch (which they’ll then tell you about). This is typically about three weeks from the date you completed your switch application on the Big Clean Switch website. You may be asked to submit a meter reading around that day, which your new supplier will send to the old one so they can issue a final bill. On the day of the switch, you’ll stop paying your old supplier for your energy, and start paying the new one.
Will I be charged for switching?
No, switching is free. Big Clean Switch is funded from commission paid by suppliers. This doesn’t make a difference to the price of the tariffs we offer (which are the same price as they are on suppliers’ own websites). The only charge you could incur would be if you’re in the middle of a fixed price contract with your current supplier, in which case they may charge you an exit fee for leaving early (see ‘Do I have to pay to leave my current supplier’ below).
Do I need to contact my old supplier to let them know I’m switching?
No. We’ll let your new supplier know that you want to switch to them, and they’ll contact your old supplier for you. If your old supplier confirms that the account isn’t in arrears, your new supplier will then confirm the switch date with you.
Do I have to pay to leave my current supplier?
If you are on a fixed tariff (which means your current supplier has promised to keep the price you pay for a unit of electricity the same for a certain period – usually a year, although some fixed tariffs last longer) your supplier may charge you an exit fee for leaving early. However, you may still decide you want to switch, not least if what you save on your energy bills is greater than the exit fee. If you think your supplier might charge you an exit fee, and want to talk through the options, give us a ring on 0800 249 4770.
How will my data be used?
When you put your details into the Big Clean Switch website, we’ll use them to communicate with you about switching to clean energy, to allow you to compare the price of a range of clean energy tariffs with your current tariff, and to switch you to clean energy if you want to go ahead with this. We will also share some of your data with third parties such as MyUtilityGenius, which provides the price comparison functionality on our website, or to agencies we may use to help us communicate with you about switching to clean energy. We will also pass some data back to Nando’s so they can see how the campaign’s going. We will never sell your data or pass it to other companies to allow them to market their own products and services. For more information on how your data will be used by Big Clean Switch, please see our
privacy policy.
I’ve never heard of the suppliers on your site. Can I trust them?
Smaller suppliers make up a growing part of the UK energy market, and many are leaders when it comes to customer service. We review the customer service and environmental credentials of every supplier we work with, so that you can switch with confidence, and we make a simple promise to all our switchers: if you have a problem that you can’t resolve directly with your new supplier, we’ll take it up with them on your behalf.
I rent my home. Can I still switch?
If you rent but pay the energy bills, then it’s your choice – if you want cleaner energy, you can have it! You can see Ofgem’s guidance for tenants
here. If your landlord pays the energy bills, then why not let them know about Big Clean Switch and ask them if they’ll consider switching (and let them know they could save money in the process!).
I live with my parents. Can I still switch?
If your parents pay the energy bills, then why not let them know about Big Clean Switch and ask them if they’ll consider switching to planet-friendly power (and let them know they could save money in the process!).
I have a smart meter with my current supplier. Can I still switch?
You can still switch, but you may have to provide manual meter readings to your new supplier for a while. Many suppliers are now rolling out a new generation of smart meters which will make it easier for your to switch suppliers – if you don’t have one, you can ask your new supplier to install one.
I’m on a pre-payment meter. Can I still switch?
Unfortunately, there aren’t yet many clean energy options for prepayment meters. If you’d like to switch and you’re on a prepayment meter, your cheapest option is likely to be Bulb’s prepayment pilot. We can’t currently help you make this switch, but you can find out more from Bulb yourself,
I’ve been asked for my meter number. How do I find this out?
In most cases, our system can identify your meter numbers automatically by looking up your address in a national database. Occasionally, however, this information can’t be found in the database, and you’ll need to enter your meter number manually. There are two types of meter number – one for gas, known as an MPRN (meter point reference number) and one for electricity, known as an MPAN (metering point administration number). If you can’t find the number on the meter itself, both numbers should be shown on a past bill. If you don’t have a past bill, then you can get your gas MPRN by telephoning Xoserve, which manages the data for the UK gas industry, on 0870 608 1524. To find out your electricity MPAN, you’ll need to telephone your local electricity distributor. You can find out who this is by visiting
My switch was cancelled because my old supplier said the account was in arrears. Can I still switch?
Yes. Once your account with your old supplier is paid up to date, you can go through the switch process on our site again – or give us a call us and we’ll make your switch over the phone.
I have (or am thinking about getting) solar panels – can I still switch?
Yes, absolutely. You’re free to switch your energy to a different supplier in exactly the same way as a house without solar panels. Your Feed In Tariff arrangement will remain unchanged.