How does switching supplier work?

The word ‘supplier’ is actually a bit misleading, because most people’s electricity is supplied by the National Grid. The companies you pay for your electricity and gas should really be called ‘sellers’, because that’s all they do – they sell the energy in the Grid to you. That’s great for consumers, because it means no matter who sells us the energy, it still comes from the Grid. No interruptions of supply, no visits from engineers – just a different name on your bills.

So, how does it work?
Switching is simple. First, use our site to compare your current tariff with our panel of quality, competitively priced suppliers. It’s useful to have a bill to hand as this will tell you how much energy you used over the past year. Once you’ve got your quote, simply select the tariff that’s right for you, pop in a few details to allow your new supplier to set up your account, and that’s it.

I don’t need to contact my current supplier?
Nope! Your new supplier will do that for you. Once your new supplier has received your application, they’ll contact you to let you know what date your switch will go live. As you get close to the big day, they’ll ask you for a meter reading. They’ll then send that to your old supplier so they can issue a final bill. If your account is in credit, you’ll get a full refund from the old supplier.