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If you’re worried about the use of fossil fuels, one simple thing you can do is switch to a renewable electricity supplier. If every home and business in the UK demands renewable energy, we can make sure the whole country’s electricity is 100% clean. Switching is super-easy to do, and most people find they save money too. We’ve teamed up with Big Clean Switch to make it even easier for you to compare different clean suppliers and switch to the one that’s right for you. Pop in your details above to get started.

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What is clean energy?

‘Clean energy’ means power generated from the elements – sun, wind, water (rivers, tides or wave power) and biofuels (gas released by rotting food and agricultural waste). Unlike dirty electricity generated by burning fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), clean energy has little impact in terms of climate change and air pollution.


How do clean tariffs work?

Picture the National Grid like a bucket full of water.* When you’re on a renewable tariff, your supplier promises to match the amount you take out of the bucket by putting the same amount of clean water in. The more clean water that goes into the bucket (and the less dirty water), the cleaner the bucket, and therefore the Grid, gets.
* In reality of course, water and electricity shouldn’t mix!

More power for good

Whenever anyone switches energy company through a third party like the Big Clean Switch, the supplier pays a commission.* Once we’ve paid for the cost of processing your switch, we pass a third (usually about £15) on to 10:10 to help fund their vital work fighting climate change. So, your switch can do even more good.
* Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect the price of the tariffs, which are the same as you’d find on suppliers’ websites.
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Despite our country’s massive potential for clean energy and huge public support for renewables, the UK government has not only cut support to solar, but also our cheapest and most-loved form of new energy – wind. Sign 10:10’s petition and send a message to the government about the kind of energy we want powering our futures! Or, if you’ve already signed…


Our energy suppliers

From new kids on the block to one of the UK's biggest suppliers. Low cost power with a customer service score to die for.

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A supplier with ethics at its heart, championing social equality, local renewables and stronger communities.

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The first major British supplier to be co-operatively owned, Co-op Energy give a share of their profits back to members and local communities.

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The world’s first green energy company. Offering 100% renewable electricity from the wind and sun and carbon neutralised gas.

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The UK's local clean supplier. On average, customers are never more than four miles from one of their generation sites.

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Clean electricity from one of the UK's largest investors in solar power, with a commitment to 'simpler pricing and bills that actually make sense'.

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The 2018 MoneyFacts Energy Provider of Year, So Energy have a commitment to low prices and great service.

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